About the Artist

Artist Skye Lucking at an art show 2015.

Artist Statement: The same objects, shapes, and people appear and reappear in our lives. They are constant, but forever formulated in a different composition so as to remain fresh in our perspective. This is the approach to my artwork. I use many of the same themes, objects, and shapes. Yet, I revel in their infinite and sundry arrangements – just as with all things in life. Working with oils, acrylics, ink, and graphite I try to impart a whimsical spirit into my drawings and paintings with subtle allusions to shapes animal, botanical, human, and machine.

BIO: Skye Lucking’s approach is influenced by the objects, shapes and people which appear and reappear in our everyday lives.  She began as an artist in 2001 working only with ink on paper. In 2010 she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and studied under acclaimed Argentine artist, Miguel Angel Giovanetti, when she expanded the scope and aesthetic of her work to include oil and acrylic on canvas.

In 2015 she ventured into the world of adult coloring book design and is so happy she did!

Lucking’s work has been featured in exhibits in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dallas TX, Oklahoma City, OK and Phoenix, AZ. You can see examples of her work at http://www.skyelucking.com.